Tuesday, September 21, 2010

...still catching up but happy

I'm still catching up, my goal is to write an entry a day...we'll see if I can get there.

Something has become pretty apparent to me lately...I'm HAPPY...which is a really great state to be in. I'm not happy because everything in my life is exactly where I want it to be...but overall, I've found the good in what I've been blessed with. I'm notoriously bratty in that I ALWAYS want more...and not always in a positive manner, but I'm really learning to be "content in whatever state I find myself". Hopefully that happiness will lead to my being able to further create the reality I desire...stay tuned.

My weekend was pretty cool after getting over being under the weather (whoever created the "summer flu" should be KICKED). Got plenty done at home, hit the mall (help me Lord), had a really fun Sunday at church and cooked dinner. My beloved Skins lost, but even in the loss, I can see the positive. Things are looking up for us!

Fashion Week just passed...and I'm rather sick of gold chains, 2 or 3 finger rings, mullets, shags, etc...I consider myself to be rather fashion forward...but come ON! LOL

Okay, enough of my random musings for now...I've got some (a LOT) of work to do.


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