Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Getting Back...

I feel terrible for not blogging for the last week ( was VERY sick last week and just wasn't up to writing anything. Fortunately, I'm NEVER at a loss for things to say and there are some happenings I have thoughts to share about, I'm just hoping that at some point this week I'll have the opportunity to collect them all.

Today is our "Staff Appreciation" day at work, and the whole office is leaving shortly for a reception and to attend a Washington Nationals game. Seeing my normally "buttoned-up" colleagues in t shirts and jeans is actually pretty funny but this should be a cool day, complete with early dismissal (always a MAJOR FTW!)...which will be necessary because I can almost guarantee that most of the folks here will be way too hammered to work after the game. Either way, I'll catch up with you all (and hopefully my thoughts) shortly.


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