Tuesday, August 24, 2010

...we love Fantasia.

...so I'm not sure what proper protocol is about blogging on issues...I don't really have a focus here, other than to share things that may be thought provoking to others, so I'll go ahead with this one.

I, like most people, have heard about this whole controversy surrounding Fantasia...the alleged affair, the suicide attempt, etc., and there's one main thing that bothers me...the venomous and plain mean things I've heard people say about her situation. I'll try to keep this short, but either way, wrong or not, she's a young lady who is obviously living in pain and makes some mistakes as a result...which sounds like most of us. All of us are the sum of our experiences...good and bad...and sadly, the bad experiences often cause us to make mistakes in efforts to sooth or mask our pain...which lead to more bad experiences and when left unchecked, can create a vicious cycle that destroys lives. Regardless of what our faith entails, we all desire the "grace" to make mistakes and the opportunity to learn from them and become better. Someone being famous doesn't make them exempt from that...it actually heightens the need for that grace from Almighty God...and from the people around them. All I'm saying is let's extend the same measure of grace to her that we do to our friends who get themselves tangled up in bad relationships...to our homies who make bad choices...that same grace we ask for when our poor decisions leave us broken and torn...we want the chance to recover and be better...and not be slapped in the face with reminders of our sins at every turn...let's learn do the same for others.

As an "artistic" person, I'm well aware of the pitfalls of the heightened level of attention that talent can bring...the access it gives you...and how susceptible to falling you are as you climb. In our society, we've created a build to tear down culture...we shoot celebs/artists/talented people/athletes/etc. to the highest heights because of what they provide us in whatever form, but as soon as they display the flaws (...usually the flaws that help provide that great level of artistry...I think I'll discuss that later here), we shoot them down as quickly as we elevated them. Not to be cliche, but artists are people too. I'm not saying they're excused for their wrong, just that we should root for them to be better...God specializes in reclamation projects, if He didn't, then we would all be absolutely NOTHING...let's just start lobbying for that same recovery and victory in the lives of others. Lord knows we all need it.

Just a thought.

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